Hello Carrie,

Please tell your family that the sweet puppy we got from you has morphed into a loving big puppy who tries to please. While we were at the park here in Bartlesville over the weekend for a craft and music festival, some kids asked us to bring the dog, who we named MacTavish, over to their Children’s Musical Theater tent as they were auditioning dogs for the part of Sandy in the musical “Annie.” Since we had taken an obedience class this spring, he knew sit/down/stay/come and loved playing with the little girl who was to be the lead–just the skills they had been looking for plus he was med/large and had some brown in his coat. So…….your puppy was selected to be one of the two dogs trained to appear in the show July 22-23!!!

Denise Smith

Molly is the perfect Golden Doodle for our family! She is very lovable and playful. Our experience purchasing her from Rising Star Golden Doodles was not difficult whatsoever. We had Molly shipped to us in Charlotte, NC and when we got her, she was so calm and loving. Carrie gave precise directions on how to go about the shipping process and there was not much to it. Thank you for our precious Golden Doodle.

“Dixie is now 21 months old, and is the head of our household! She is so smart, loves everyone and everyone loves her. We love having a “red head” in the family, and her green eyes really set her apart. She is in training to become a Therapy Dog, and we are excited about her future. Thank you Carrie, for producing such precious puppies.”

Keith and Sarah M

Hi Carrie, This is David and Christy Youngman and Gus. We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy who has quickly become everyone’s best friend in our home. Can’t imagine our home without him! Thank you so very much!