As Golden Doodle Breeders Steve and I have found that investing in a home for our Golden doodles we spared no expenses after investing over $15,000 and growing, here is what we have. One 12 X 24 insulated steel building with a private interior area for each adult dogs of 4 ft x 8 ft. The interior flooring is vinyl composite tile (similar material that you will find in the grocery isle of Walmart).

Each adult has access to the outside by using a doggie door which leads to an exterior run of 8 X 21 feet long. You turn our Golden doodles adult and when we have puppies for sale out on a daily basis as long as weather permits to run and explore our 5 acre back yard which includes a weather creek and pond which is the first thing they seem to want to go into!

Temperature in our kennel are kept at a comfortable 75 degrees year round. We use stainless steel feed and water bowls. This type of bowl is also what I recommend to my puppy parents. The food that Golden doodles adults eat is called “Diamond maintenance” and our puppies that we have for sale is “Diamond Puppy” which is a dry kibble (our Golden Doodle puppies are no longer are on moist food when they go to their forever home). I have had a great success in keeping our Golden doodle moms, dad and our Golden doodle puppies in healthy and in top condition using a perfect balance of fats and proteins. You will find several of our Golden Doodle puppies in states like Texas, Missouri and other states through out the US, but close to 50% of our puppies stay close to home here in Oklahoma.

We have an exterior play/exercise area for our dogs which is used as our Oklahoma weather permits. Our adults are very social due to they are cared for by myself and my 6 children, there is never a dull moment. We all have a job and we all work together to give our dogs the best care, active and social environment. With that many kids its not to hard. Each of our adults have annual exams and are all current on their shots and worming. Our kennel is USDA licensed. All of our adults are micro chipped in case they get lost or stolen. Our adults have been examined for good hearts and patellas and are awaiting their OFA certification in these areas.