Spice- f1 ( first generation) Red golden doodle spice weighs 60 lbs and is a big sweet heart. She is gentle loyal and loves people but a great guard dog when needed.

Sugar- f1 ( first generation ) Red golden doodle. Sugar is spices Twin sister weighs 62 lbs and the only way to tell these sisters Apart is sugar has a white spot on her chest.

Scarlet is a stunning 45 lbs red F1 Golden Doodle who was born on our farm and she was one of 12 puppies . Her mom is Faith a 45 lbs red Golden Retriever and Big Ben a red 55 lbs Standard Poodle. Her new owners are my son in law Anthony and daughter Destiny.

Snowie – was our first golden doodles we bought. She was A Christmas 2014 gift for my youngest son Solomon. They have been Best friend ever since. At times she a little much for him to handle But nothing a good long walk/run on our land won’t cure. She loves water and getting wet.

STRAWBERRY  This stunning 50 lbs red F1 female is one of four sister we kept back from Big Ben and “Faith” 2016 litter . WOW am I ever so glad we did these triplets are World Class looking first generation red Golden doodles. Strawberry is a very active Golden doodle and is so smart that she can open any gate latch we set before her, we nick named her ” Houdini”

REMY is a Red Abstract ( has white markings) Standard Poodle weighing 60 lbs, standing at 22 inches tall. He is a very sweet and handsome boy and his puppies carry those traits along with the abstract markings. Remy has been a huge asset to our kennel and I want to give a shout out to ” Omaha Poodles” for giving me the Handsome “Rising Star”. He has been tested for EIC, NE, VWDI, PRA-PRCD AND DM all of which came back CLEAR.