Thank you for taking the time to visit our “About us” page. We know in this current time that meeting breeders online can be nerve wracking, thus we will continue to be transparent about the program we run here and the success we have experienced along the way. This is due to the trust and support we receive from our countless puppy parents.

We have been raising healthy, high quality puppies from genetically health tested parents since 2005 – this has given us close to two decades on learning what genetics, products , facilities, training, and everything it takes to create a “Rising Star” puppy.

Throughout this journey our eleven children have been a huge part in making this all possible. They manage the tedious chores and husbandry skills that have brought us the extreme success we have experienced for so many years. Many of them have grown into their skills and talents along the way, becoming professional dog groomers, puppy photographers, puppy midwives, flight nannies and the list goes on.
Our children our now having their own children which has made us no longer mom and dad but a Mimi & a PaPa which means, we are getting old!! Not only has our family grown in size, but our Rising Star family has grown enormously! As we plan for our “retirement” years we find it difficult to properly handle the tremendous increase in the amount of questions, phone calls, required website updates and so on. Last year we started a YouTube channel where new puppy buyers can learn and prepare for how our adoption process is done. We have had new puppy buyers really appreciate the information found on these short tutorials which has eased their mind when trying to find trustworthy, reputable breeders and avoid puppy scammers or puppy mills.

With the above statements, i would like to formally introduce our incredible “God” daughter Olivia. Her parents are life long friends of Steve & I. They set us up on our first date, & the rest is history. Our children have since grown together over the years and Olivia is counted as blood within this family. We know you all will feel the same when you speak with her. She has always had a passion for animals as a child specifically, Dogs.

Olivia is the missing link that our family has been waiting for in order to continue the successful program we have built and sustain it while we enter a new season of our life in 2022. Steve and I have enjoyed getting to know our ever growing “Rising Star“ family. We hope to travel alittle more and create some large “Puppy Reunions” in the near future. Our hearts have not only been tied to our immediate family ( 7 grandchildren more to come) but with much love and support we have supported 29 Indian orphans in Hyderabad, India that we wish to continue visiting when our life style will allow it.

Olivia is well versed in what it takes to keep our program running efficiently. She is in the middle of pursuing her Dog trainer certification through “ Catch Trainers Academy” .She has proven time and time again with her on going assistance in placing puppies in their new homes, that we are making the right move as she continues doing a great job while I take a slight step back in this deportment of my life.