Welcome to Rising Star Golden Doodles. My name is Carrie and I’ve created this website to keep all my puppy parents up to date on everything that goes one here at what I sometimes call “Sawyer Acres”. My husband Steve Sawyer have been Golden Doodle Breeders since 2014. All of our adults you see on this site were raised from little babies and became part of our already large family (7 girls and 4 boys…that’s human not canines).

I am very proud of our kennel and where our entire adult dogs hang out and the 10 acres of space we call their “playground”. All of our puppies for sale are stunning, unique and we feel world class located not only in our state of Oklahoma but in other states like Texas and Missouri.

Through out or 32 years of marriage several of our children have grown and become adults we have downsized on the amount of kids in our home, so I guess we are semi retired parents? My three oldest daughters Destiny, Gail and Christina have gotten married and have started their own families and have followed their roots in breeding these amazing Golden doodles. My oldest son Jacob and his wonderful wife Alex also have decided to take our passion/hobby and raise F1 Golden doodles. The rest of our little gems are still school age and growing up fast. our youngest is 11 and oldest is 19 at home.

Both Steve and I in 2016 have visited an orphanages in Hyderabad, India filled with 29 children in need of assistance in daily care, food clothing and shelter. Since January 11th 2016 we have never stopped loving these kids and many close bonds have been made. As Golden Doodle Breeders we bring a great deal of joy to our puppy parents through the adoption of our puppies, they can also know that with their puppy purchase they are supporting not only our family but orphans who have lost theirs back in India.